• Viusid, 21 sachets

Viusid is a nutritional preparation specially designed for the increase of the immunological defences in all those processes that cause immunodeficiency . The activation of the components of VIUSID increases to a great extent the power of the biological function of all of them, without modifying or changing the molecular structure. All the compounds that make up the VIUSID formulation are present in the human organism in a natural way, and for this reason, there have not been detected either side effects or any toxicity after the use of the product. Moreover, the essential amino acids contained in VIUSID make possible the nutritional development appropriate for the increase of the immunological defences

Research shows, Viusid + Skin Cap cream helps to get rid of psoriasis, dermatitis:

  • Stimulates your immunity;
  • Improves the quality of life: improvement of appetite,sleep, increase of weight, reduction of side effects produced by medicines administered for the treatment of HIV / AIDS Increase of vital tone.
  • Decrease of viral load.


1 sachet every eight hours. Mix the content of the sachet in milk, water or juice. It is recommended to consume this dietary supplement during one month. Concumption can be continued affterwards to your own opinion.

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Viusid, 21 sachets

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