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The main advantage of Kartalin - a non-hormonal cream herbal based solidola designed for the prevention of chronic dermatoses, such as psoriasis.

Kartalin contains only natural ingredients:

  • grease,
  • lysozyme, 
  • bee honey, 

Medicinal herbs:

  • beggarticks,
  • chamomile,
  • vitamin A
  • oil - lavender,
  • eucalyptus,
  • salicylic acid.

In the prevention of psoriasis observed efficiency more than 94%. Application for psoriasis external drugs corticosteroid group is often very effective method of treatment, since with them pretty quickly persists phenomena of inflammation and itching, but unfortunately, their use is associated with a number of side effects: systemic impact and local effects, manifested by atrophy of the skin , hypertrichosis, telangiectasia, steroid acne. In this regard, particular attention is drawn to drugs, which include synthetic substances not corticosteroid origin and natural medicinal components.

Cream Kartalin does not cause skin atrophy, and no other adverse effects associated with hormonal ointments.  Kartalin does not contain synthetic and hormonal components, so the use of the drug, in contrast to the glucocorticoid agents, non-irritating, absolutely non-toxic, can be used by children 3 years of age. Kartalin has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, exfoliating. Can be used by adults with long-term positive effect, without causing addiction and complications, and also children from 3 years. All who have used the cream, notice comfort in the application of Kartalin. Kartalin proved highly effective, absolute safety and tolerability. Kartalin under experimental conditions showed a low acute and chronic toxicity, lack of locally irritant. The cream has a good and lasting healing effect.

Analysis of the effectiveness of Kartalin suggests that in the context of general and local application, he has a prophylactic effect: decreases inflammation occurs resolution of psoriatic plaques, a good effect is observed also in children. Course of application is long enough (from 2 to 4 months). After applying the cream Kartalin seen a strong and long-term remission from 1.5 to 4 years. Products are certified. Shelf life 3 years.

For external use only.


Solidol, lysozyme, honey bee, a series of marigold, chamomile, vitamin A, lavender and eucalyptus oil, salicylic acid.


Has keratolytic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect.

Properties of the components:

Components of the cream targets the inflammatory focus, gently clean the top layer of dead skin cells from the skin, ensuring high availability of biologically active substances. Contribute to the rapid recovery of the overall integrity of the skin.


Prevention of chronic dermatoses (psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, atopic and allergic dermatitis).


Not found possible idiosyncrasy components.

How to use:

The cream is applied to the affected skin evenly (without rubbing) 1 or 2 times a day for at least 12 hours. The effect is usually seen after 1-2 weeks. Application is a quite  long (from 2 to 4 months).

The first phase of the application:

  • The complete disappearance of the plaques (before the formation of dark or white spots diskhromicheskih).

The second stage:

  • After formation diskhromicheskih spots for securing effect should continue to use within 1 month.

Side effects:

Perhaps a slight worsening in the beginning of the application.


Available in 100 ml tubes.

Storage Conditions:

Store at room temperature out of reach of children.


  • In the first month of application is recommended to take antihistamines (Claritin or Diazolinum or other similar product) to reduce the side effects.
  • It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol.
  • It is advisable to quit smoking or severely restricted.
  • From the diet to exclude eggs, greasy, fried, spicy food.
  • Have a healthy sleep.
  • Wash the head and the body may be daily, but not less than 2 times per week. You can use the soap: "Glycerine", "Baby", "lanolin", "Tar"; shampoos and conditioners for the type of hair and scalp. For degreasing hair can also be used diluted in warm water mustard powder. Sometimes after washing there is a feeling of dryness of the skin, to mitigate which you can use baby cream.
  • It is not recommended to combine the use of "Kartalin" with hormonal ointments.

With extensive skin lesions begin the application should be gradual, with the first areas on the legs, in 3 days put the cream on the areas on the hands, after 3 days apply to all affected areas.

Do not use bandages, is better to provide unnecessary clothes.

Not for one day did not stop the application.

You need to know:

Dermatoses - widespread chronic skin disease, the origin of which has a leading role heredity, which is realized by different precipitating factors. For chronic dermatoses include: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, keratoderma, eczema, neurodermatitis, allergic dermatitis.

The main factors provoking any reaction on the skin include:

  • psychogenic factors (fatigue, stress, etc.);
  • physical factors (traumatization of skin, hypothermia, sunburn, etc.);
  • infectious agents;
  • toxic factors (alcohol, smoking, drugs, overdose of drugs, etc.);
  • exchange factors (obesity, diabetes, thyroid disease, menopause, etc.);
  • contact with allergens.

During exacerbation of chronic dermatoses, it is important to follow the recommendations that contribute to recovery:

  • Do not forget that alcohol and tobacco aggravate chronic dermatoses.
  • Avoid prolonged overvoltage and stress, negative emotions - one of the precipitating factors.
  • Exclude from the diet fatty, fried, spicy food, try not to overeat.
  • Try as often as possible to visit the open air, because unventilated rooms with heating and air conditioning dry skin.
  • Every day in the shower or bath, use a soft sponge (c/p cloth), for hygiene - only pH - neutral means.
  • After a bath and a shower put on your skin emollient - dry, cracked skin is harder to treat.
  • Take care of healthy sleep and timely rest.
  • Do not forget about vitamins and antioxidants that support healthy skin and nails.
  • Remember that exercise, especially outdoors, important and useful.
  • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing made of natural materials, it does not cause the appearance of new lesions.

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