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MELAGENINA PLUS   is a product, developed by Dc.  Carlos Miyares Cao from Havana that is applied to therapy the… disease (Vitiligo).

Medical publications released in Cuba talking about a 80% chance of healing caused an increasing interest by affected persons around the world in this treatment exclusively offered by the Institute of Plazenta-Histotherapy.

During a three days ambulatory stay that includes a total of three treatments the patients become familiar to the application. Because first results appear only by long term treatment (3-12 month), can be acquired right there in the Institute to continue the therapy at home. 

Melagenina Plus  is a solution which contains 50% of a alcoholic concentrate of placenta mixed up with   calcium chloride (100 mg). In its original version (Melagenina) it was applied 3 times a day (every 8 hours) supported by a special UV-Lighttherapy. The recently developed medicament Melagenina Plus needs to be applied only once a day. Intense  Sunlight or even UV-Light should be avoided. 

The solution will is distributed homogeneously on the affected areas by hand until the liquid is absorbed by the skin. 

It’s important to maintain the same rhythm of application which means that Melagenina Plus should be applied every day at the same time as indicate the instructions of the supplier. The skin should not be washed and no cosmetics applied after using Melagenina Plus. Because of this its recommended to follow a regular treatment always before going to bed.

The information’s above represent a translation from Spanish of a summary of the instructions manual provided by the supplier.

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Melagenina Plus

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