• Pregnotrend, 90 caps.
PREGNOTREND Improves the function of female reproductive organs.

"Molecularly activated" natural nutritional supplement to boost female fertility. It increases the chances of pregnancy as well as preserving pregnancy. Together with SPERMOTREND (for men) it is the perfect natural combination to combat infertility in couples. 
PREGNOTREND is designed to support the internal secretory glands, the health and normal functioning of the entire reproductive system throughout reproductive life.

Taking Pregnotrend provides:
1) The benefits of the unique technology of "MOLECULAR ACTIVATION" in the fight against oxidative stress. Studies have shown that reducing oxidative stress can improve the chances of a couple to be captured either naturally or through assisted reproduction (IVF - ICSI).
2) It normalizes the menstrual cycle and induces ovulation.
3) PABA which helps in the formation of erythrocytes. Red blood cells are vital for the transport of oxygen throughout the body. It also increases the chances of pregnancy.
4) Reduces the risk of repeated miscarriages.
5) Fights ovarian disturbances that cause infertility.
6) Maintains healthy mucosal epithelium
7) Helps the fetus develop naturally.

Recommended dosage: One capsule twice a day.

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Pregnotrend, 90 caps.

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